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I feel a bit embarrassed having a 'Home' tab on my blog without having some sort of other tab to keep it company. If you want to get in touch with me, you can drop me an mail at crovaxofurborg on gmail. 

Therefore, ABOUT ME!

I'm an Engineer in my mid-20s who enjoys playing with toys and computers. I've seen people who do their 'About Me' section as a series of unconnected facts about themselves, so I'm going to shamelessly steal that idea.

I have an XBox 360 and a PC
Okay, I'll start with the easy (and relevant) ones. I've had a PC in my house for years, though never had a console as a child. I was brought up on classic LucasArts adventures, Sim games and a hefty dose of Sonic and Mortal Kombat. If pushed, I'd say my favourite genre is RPG, though I don't think I'll ever love the genre as much as I did when games like Planescape: Torment, Fallout 2 or Baldur's Gate were more common. I caved relatively recently, and joined the dark side by buying a console (a Microsoft console, no less).

I'm definitely not a trainspotter
I work in the rail industry (no, I don't get free train travel... That is the first question everyone asks) but I'm emphatically not a trainspotter. My background is in Robotics; at University, I made a wall-climbing robot during my 3rd year (though it wasn't a huge success) and I helped work on a physiotherapy robot during my fourth year. I joined the rail industry as I wanted to do something good for the world, and I love being a consultant as you're constantly working on new things and learning new stuff.

I have a Transformer on my desk
Actually, I have two on my desk
I am, shockingly enough, a geek. I have a small collection of Transformers, and mark my territory at the office with one on my desk. I also do other geek things, like play PnP RPGs, email my friends pictures of LOLcats and occasionally Rick Roll people (always ironically, of course).

I love Charlie Brooker
Anyone who knows me knows this. I've been a fan of his since he was writing game reviews in PCZone so, yes, that cool thing you like I liked way before you.

I get very annoyed watching TV
I don't know whether this is a causal relation to the above, but I often get very annoyed watching the television. The worst offender is, of course, BBC Breakfast; I would happily punch Bill Turnbull in his smug face if I ever met him (actually, of course I wouldn't, but aggressive exaggeration for comic effect is very in these days, and I'm not strong enough to go against the flow). There is plenty of good programs on, but I usually buy them on DVD and work through them at my leisure; in particular, if you haven't seen it, try checking out The Wire.

I don't read enough any more
I used to devour books, but I just don't seem to have the time any more. I've got a stack of books I want to read (I won't list here, because I will inevitably forget I've listed it here, and I'll be forever reading whatever it was I was reading when I wrote this), but don't ever get round to them. I read comics as well, as they're fairly easily digestible; I subscribe to 2000AD, and I honestly believe Judge Dredd is one of the best Comic characters of all time. Just please don't mention the film.

I'd like one day to write a novel
That one is pretty much self explanatory.

I have a blog
Okay, you probably already knew this last one. I started up this blog in 2009, mostly for my own amusement. If anyone else reads and enjoys it, that's great, but I mainly use this to practice writing about video games and other geek things I come across. I'm constantly intending to post more on it, and maybe I will one day get into the habit of doing regular posts. Until then, I hope you enjoy my semi-regular thoughts on games I've played and other things I've seen with my eyes.

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