Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Chaos Rising: Conclusions

The good folks at Relic and THQ have provided all the new units and gameplay improvements included in Chaos Rising to everyone who already owns a copy of Dawn of War II.

Basically, this means people with only the original can play against people with the expansion, and get to use all the new units for the existing races. In Last Stand, too, the three original heroes can play alongside the Chaos and Tyranid characters. I imagine Relic are hoping that people will load the game up again, see the new faction in action, and be inspired to shell out for the expansion.
 Enemies... We need ENEMIES!
As you can probably tell from my previous post, I really liked Chaos Rising. If you've not tried the previous game, this is the perfect opportunity to grab the whole set.

If most of the content is included, though, is it worth shelling out for just another 15 missions and a new race in multiplayer? Well, if you liked the original game's campaign, and want a bit more of everything, then the expansion is perfect. If you preferred the game's multiplayer... Maybe not. Unless you're mad keen on playing Chaos, all of the benefits and units are included with the recent patch.

Relic and THQ have both listened to feedback from the players while working on Chaos Rising, which bodes well for the inevitable future expansions. I just hope they stick to their guns, and work on improving and building on what made Dawn of War II different rather than adding back in what other people thought was missing.

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