Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The home of games

Saw this today:

All I can say is…

Boo frickin’ hoo; You console players can sit there playing your version with an inane control device, worse graphics, and endless teenage kids playing online, while I’ll be enjoying it twenty five pounds cheaper on PC. Proof if proof were needed that PC games are, in fact, the best. Epic win.


  1. Games are better on PCs, without a doubt, but only if you have enough cash to buy a decent one and keep it upgraded!

  2. you can run wow on a netbook! nuff said.

  3. Ben only needs one game :P

  4. My attempt to soup up my pc has backfired horribly. Need more £££!

    And yes, i'll be getting MW2 on PC.
    Having said that, CoD4:MW is still bloody good fun via PSN.